Flapper Style Wedding, Ashland Springs Hotel, Southern Oregon

Jeff & Sarah’s wedding was spectacularly classy. The details were stunning. The day was overflowing with love, family and unity. There was happiness, tears and fun. The majority of this wedding party flew here from Australia or England. The place was filled with amazing accents! We ran around downtown Ashland and got some fun wedding party photos. We even stopped traffic a few times and the newlyweds got honked at!

When I think of Sarah, the word that comes to mind is joyful. She has always been that way too. Her joy attracts great people and it’s infectious. Her and Jeff were amazing to work with and are just fantastic human beings. I am so excited for their new lives together as husband & wife.

Sarah’s flapper style dress may be my favorite dress EVER. It’s so unique and gorgeous. And she looked amazing in it! I was honored to share in this wonderful celebration at the Ashland Springs Hotel. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Tynan!

  1. Marg Munt says:

    A m a z i n g…..thank you, I didn’t want them to finish…I have a tear in my eye…Thank you Sarah & Jeff for sharing…Maggie x

  2. Sarah Tynan says:

    Photography by Taylor Himbert you did such ana amazing job! It’s hard to sum up all the emotions felt in that day but your photos capture it all really well!!

  3. Jessica Maher says:

    Stunning photos. Congrats Jeff & Sarah

  4. Lauren McAllister says:

    totally awesome

  5. Katie Glen Mchenry says:


  6. Michelle Corbett says:

    Beautiful photos of a wonderful day

  7. Tegan Douglas says:

    Fantastic photos! So magical, thank you for sharing. Love to you Jeff and Sarah.

  8. Tracie Corbett says:

    Amazing photos!!