A Thank You for Two Decades of Support

When I think about the future of my photography business, I think about the clients I’m serving and the happiness it brings them through imagery full of emotion. A brief moment is captured forever into a photograph that generations to come will hold in their hands. Over these past 20 years, I have loved being let in to a small portion of your lives. I value the trust you have put in me, the referrals you’ve sent my way, and the love and support you’ve shown me over two decades as I’ve grown to where I am now in this oversaturated world of photography. I cherish the relationships I’ve made along this journey.

Some of my favorite things about photography:

  • Seeing a senior girl arrive at her session timid and nervous, and minutes later showing her some shots on the back of my camera and watching her light up with confidence at how great she looks.
  • Sharing in the excitement of a newly engaged couple who cannot WAIT to get married soon and shout the exciting news to the world.
  • Having a stressed out mother that’s been busy coordinating outfits and giving kids naps before their session end up in tears at how lovely the images turned out, even though she felt it was total chaos the entire session.
  • Seeing a bride cherish a photo she got with her beloved grandmother who recently passed away.

These are the moments I live for! We have no promise of tomorrow. So when someone you love wants to get a photo taken with you, let them. You just never know how much that image will be cherished.


Photo by Ryan Workman

Southern Oregon professional photographer