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Southern Oregon Colorful Autumn – Joyful Family Session

The K family was such a blast! These three giggly girls were so fun to photograph. And they were quite the posers when it came for their solo children photographs. They quickly stuck their hip out and threw their hand on the side, it cracked me up! Then we included Diggs, the family pup, and isn’t he adorable!? He was a ball of energy.

And can we talk about their outfits please? THIS is the way to dress for family portraits! Every person’s outfit blended together beautifully, without anyone standing out more than the other. It’s tough when two people are wearing almost identical colors/patterns because I feel like I can’t have them standing together, so it limits the variety of grouping positions. I love that their clothing had patterns and texture too. Excellent job!

I just adored this family. So joyful and fun to be around!

  1. Donna says:

    Such BEAUTIFUL pictures of a BEAUTIFUL family!!