Russell & Sage – Marble Mountains, Etna California Adventure Elopement

Now THIS is how you get married! I’m pretty certain there were more dogs & horses than people at their elopement. 😉 That’s my idea of a great time! It was such a rad day.

Russell, Sage and their families rode on horseback 2 miles from a trailhead out in Etna, California into the Marble Mountains to say their vows in the wilderness. It was a fairytale day and quite the adventure. Her horse even wore a beautiful floral crown. Sage and that princess red hair flowing in the wind! Gah! She even got ready in a tent. Russell looked quite dapper. They are SO cute together! Sage’s bouquet and the horse’s flower crown were made of wood, crazy right?! I absolutely adore laid-back couples who are down for being unique and making their day about what sets their souls on fire.

These two said their vows privately, then did a sweet little ceremony with their immediate families on a cliff near Paradise Lake. This amazing day was focused on their love, their connection, the outdoors where they feel most themselves, and the people who support them without hesitation. I am SO SO grateful for this amazing job that lets me share in epic days like this! The mountain and lake views were just stunning. They kissed near pine trees and skipped over little creeks running through the woods.

I hiked down the mountain this same evening, but apparently it rained and snowed on the ones who camped there (in June!) the morning after. I’ll bet it was still all worth it. 😉 Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Sweet! I wish you a lifetime of love and laughter!

The gorgeous wood floral bouquet and crown were done by Rustic Barn Blossoms

  1. Cheryl says:

    Absolutely stunning!  I agree. The wedding of the year!  Congratulations. 

  2. Taylor says:

    Thank you Nina! It was such an amazing day! ♥️

  3. Nina Gomes says:

    So beautiful! This has got to be the wedding of year!